The Silent Voice

A mighty army, 38 million strong,
To save a nation, but for wrong,
And the ease for which we long,
They are no more.

Lies for cries, we know our right,
And fill our lives with each delight;
Womb-bound children yearn for the light,
But death are given.

Frantic flames seek to efface
and turn to ash each new disgrace
and keep from sight the ghastly trace
of aborted joy.

As our strength begins to fade,
Our years move from light to shade,
The awful toll we can not evade,
God's work undone.

When we near the setting sun
And our course is almost run
We'll be alone in what we've done,
No one to care.

Then the silent voice will be heard,
Tongues long stilled pronounce each word,
"As we were dying, you deferred.
We cannot save you."

--Brian M. Ames

What are the economic consequences of the slaughter of 38 million innocents? In a normal working life each one would have earned about $28,000 each year, $1,120,000 each child, for a total of 42.5 trillion dollars. This is about 6 times the national debt. This, too, is a debt we have created that will be paid.

When will payment for this debt begin? Soon. Very soon. Now, twenty years after "legalization" of abortion, is the time when the murdered children would have started working. Each year for the next 20 years the payment will increase by 53 billion dollars. If we ourselves do not stop abortion, it will be stopped soon as our culture itself aborts; crushed under this staggering deficit. Our land will become as empty as our hearts as starvation, war, and disease reign unchecked. They will care little for our "rights"! No, not much longer... soon.

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